The Psychology of Personnel Selection
  Teacher's interests
June 6-9, 2011  

Brief description of teacher’s research interests

Dr Chamorro-Premuzic is a leading scholar in personality and individual differences. He is a Reader1 at Goldsmiths (University of London), Research Fellow at University College London (University of London), and Visiting Professor at New York University, and has previously taught at the London School of Economics.

Scientific Publications (in Peer-reviewed Journals)

Dr Chamorro-Premuzic's publication record includes over 100 research articles (published, in press, or accepted for publication), 38 as first author. His 2003 papers on personality and academic performance have been cited 153 and 101 times. His work includes both theoretical and empirical publications and covers a wide range of topics (intelligence, creativity, personality, musical preferences, behavioural genetics) and areas of application (educational, consumer, clinical, and organisational). His current h-index is 17.

Academic Books

Dr Chamorro-Premuzic has published 6 academic books, including a well-cited (89 times) monograph on the personality-intelligence interface and a recent textbook on personnel selection (both as first author); he is the single author of the leading UK textbook on individual differences, and the lead editor of the forthcoming Handbook of Individual Differences (to be launched at ISSID 2011).

Awards and Public Engagement

Dr Chamorro-Premuzic has received Early Career/Young Scientist Awards by ISSID (2009) and the APA (2010) and over £150,000 in research funding. He is the organising chair of the ISSID 2011 conference and a regular ambassador for individual differences to the UK and international media (50+ appearances in the BBC, CNN, and Sky News).