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Welcome to the Psycholinguistics Research Group (PRG) website.
We are an intercollegiate research group born out of the efforts of its members to create a unit of scholars sharing a common interest: the study of the faculty of language. The sole aim of this site is to introduce the group and its results to the academic community.

Some of the topics our research group addresses include the following:

  • The theoretical foundations of Cognitive Science.
  • The role of recursion in human cognition.
  • The relationship between linguistic knowledge and its use.
  • Speech perception.
  • Language comprehension, including syntactic processing and the prosody-syntax interface.
  • Bilingualism, focusing on the processing and representation of L1 and L2.
  • Theory of Mind and language comprehension in schizophrenia.

As a research group in receipt of both national and regional funding, we have the necessary resources to carry out qualitative and quantitative research, including controlled experiments and electrophysiological techniques.

If you require further information about us or our work, do not hesitate to contact any of the group’s members.